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Undertaking the widening of Copper Hill Bridge 

Icon of Copper Hill Bridge side view

As part of the traffic enhancements for the Highlands at Tesoro community, we are undertaking the widening of Copper Hill bridge to its complete width to properly align with the roadway widths on either side of the bridge.

Work on the Copperhill Bridge does not involve any work in the creek bed, as the pilons for the widening were done when the original bridge was completed. This project has received all of its environmental clearances and work plan approvals by regulatory agencies. This work is to complete the bridge to its full width as originally planned.
In addition, intersection improvements will also be made along Copper Hill at McBean Parkway. A right turn pocket on eastbound Copperhill will be added to ease the flow of traffic turning right onto southbound McBean Parkway. This will now allow for 3 through lanes east bound, with 2 westbound through lanes for traffic at McBean in each direction and will result in some landscape adjustments to accommodate the planned roadway widening.

Roadway icon

Roadway work begins
May 2024

While various portions of Copper Hill will be under construction at different times, it is anticipated that the roadway work will begin on or about April 30, 2024, with equipment and materials staging to begin on April 22, 2024 in preparation for construction activities to commence in May 2024.

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